After Seishou, big groups come in Salento

After Seishou, big groups come in Salento

The footwear sector of Salento is an institution. There are those who date the origins even in the mid-nineteenth century. Surely, the most important brands produce in the south of Puglia since at least half a century. An economic sector that has had ups and downs, as all areas. But if in recent times the crisis has hardly hit also in Salento, as in the rest of Italy, nowadays the desire to produce in a land where high-level craftsmanship makes the difference, it is bringing back in vogue also that area of the country. 

Seishou has understood this since some time, the brand with the Japanese mentality and Italian craftsmanship that produces comfortable and high quality shoes. An approach to the essential and functional design that Italian and traditional craftsmanship has found. For that reason, all brands’ models show great attention to details, a precise hand-building and the use of high quality materials. Seishou saw immediately the possibility of realizing and producing some models of its footwear lines in Salento’s manufacturers. And today, it turns to industry experts working for Specchia, following the traditional manufacturing techniques. 

Also big international groups have been able to understand the potentiality of the land. It’s from some days ago the news about Bernard Arnault, founder, chairman and CEO of Lvmh - a big French company that controls almost two thirds of the luxury and fashion market globally, such as Dior, Vuitton, Fendi, Guerlain, Loro Piana, Bulgari, Tiffany, Givenchy, Kenzo, Zenith, and Sephora, just listing some of them - he went to Brindisi to view two companies in the territory, active in the fashion sector. As well as in the footwear and leather industry. As primary newspapers of fashion and economics report, the entrepreneur would have gone in the industrial area of Casarano, Leccese for luxury leather goods .

To understand the extent of the interest of the Oltralpe’s chairman, just consider that Lvmh records 42,2 billion euro turnover in this semester and an increase in revenues of 17% annually. Revenues in the Fashion & leather goods category stand at 21 billion euro.

For Seishou, it is not a surprise that a fashion giant also produces in the Puglia region, which curiously resembles one of the shoe main garments, the boot: the Made in Italy of Salento is, in fact, the basis of the quality of its production.

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