le tre parole chiave della moda da sapere nel 2024

Three Fashion Keywords for 2024 you need to know

In 2023, Y2K, Old Money, and GORP core were at the center.

Y2K is a combination of Y which means year, and 2K, meaning 2000s. The focus was on retro looks such as low rise, cargo pants, and denim. Numerous fashion brands released models that were first released in the 2000s, and the response from consumers was explosive.

Y2K style

Old Money signifies luxurious fashion. The keyword associated with Old Money is Quiet Luxury, which avoids huge logos and instead focuses on luxurious materials and classical styles.

Lastly, the GORP Core. Short for Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts, it  references a sensuous look with outdoor wear. Brands such as Balenciaga, Prada, and Dior were in full swing with the GORP look at the 2023 S/S Collection.

In addition to these three trends, various styles, including Ballet Core, Normcore, and Blockcore, led the year 2023. But now, fashion experts agree that their days are passing. So what are the trends that will lead the fashion industry this year?

Firstly, the Geek Chic look. The term combines “geek", which means eccentric or freak, and “chic”, which means sophisticated. In fact, the word first appeared at the 2015 Gucci Show. Since then, it has become a trend for other designers. To illustrate, LOEWE, MSGM, and Miu Miu introduced Geek Chic as the main feature of their 2023 F/W and 2024 S/S Collection. Miu Miu created a collection by combining formal and casual looks in an unbalanced way, like it did years ago with gray cardigan, pencil skirt, and glasses. The unbalanced look is what makes it more geekchic with a traditional piece. Another trend that reflects this aesthetic, is the addition of micro shorts which was used to create another Geek Chic look. Gentle Monster, an eyewear brand, also introduced glasses that produce "nerd style" with various materials that transformed the look from nerdy to Geek Chic.

Miu Miu Fall 2023 - WWD.com

Diversity is the most prominent cause of the Geek Chic trend. The encouragement of diversity and individuality has motivated the combination of the two styles. Through Geek Chic, people are able to show their personality through various pieces that are vintage and mix matched. In addition, hobbies and interests that were not considered mainstream have become more widely recognized through this look. It emphasizes individual identity and creativity in a unique way that reveals originality and intellectual interests.

Next is the “preppy look”. Preppy is a term that refers to the style created by students and alumni from prestigious collegiate private schools. The brand that most reflects this trend is Polo Ralph Lauren. Preppy looks that are in trend are expected to maintain their momentum this year. To achieve a preppy look, typical items include a simple shirt or blouse, formal pants, slacks or chino pants or skirt, a tailored jacket, and a knit cardigan, Mary Jane shoes or loafers, and a tie. This look is relatively similar to school uniforms and work attire, but has a more casual twist. Preppy style is the conversion of boring student and work attire into bright and sophisticated colors and patterns. Miu Miu’s Geek Chic S/S collection contained striped and checkered polo shirts, boxer pants, minimal skirts, and jumpers. 

Ralph Lauren 2020 Men's Campaign

Last but not least is Grandpa Core. As the word suggests, this style is meant to look like what is taken out of a grandfather's closet. These items include a knit sweater with a retro mood and large pattern, a variety of cardigans with texture, and  vests. Usually, it is designed with oversized clothes and gives a vintage feel. Since this trend emerged, the sale of rugby sweatshirts, overfit Oxford shirts, and cable sweaters have increased. Tyler The Creator, a musical artist who established the clothing store Golf Wang in 2011, is a representative of this look. By taking a look at his fashion, you can get a better idea of how Grandpa Core is executed with style. 

Grandpa Core - Vogue France

Not long ago in the 2024 F/W Fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, similar keywords emerged such as big bags, tie production, ballet core, men in glitter, countryside chic, and polished leather. Trends and key keywords are the most important source for anyone who wants to up their fashion game. Diversity is being valued more and more in the fashion world, and being "stylish" is becoming defined by expressions of "individuality." So, while these are the most popular trends, only join in on the ones that reflect your personal style.

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