il ruolo di pantone nel dettare i colori di tendenza di anno in anno nella moda

Pantone: a source of storytelling

Designers create works of art that inspire the fashion forward members of society, but you might be wondering where they get their inspiration from. While their ideas are drawn from various sources, let's take a look at one that everyone has access to, Pantone

Pantone is the source for color consistency and options for over 10 million designers all around the world. The company was created as an avenue for designers to achieve color consistency throughout their brand. This can vary from home and interior color pallets, wedding color scheme, plastics, digital design, and fashion. These help designers select their signature brand color and new colors for runway collections.

Pantone has developed brand identity for some of the biggest designers all around the world. Some examples of this include the Louboutin red and Tiffany’s iconic blue.

Pantone’s influence and responsibility to the fashion world is the main reason why they are one of the prime sources for designers when seeking inspiration. Their color experts use color psychology, runway trend reports, and color analysis techniques to carefully select the color of the year. 

Not only is the color of the year one of the most prominent aspects of the company, but the colors used by designers in fashion week are more than what meets the eye. Designers tell a story through the silhouettes and hemlines of their clothing, but color can completely change the mood of a collection. 

Designers of the Fall Winter Fashion shows for the years 2024/2025 used Pantone colors to tell a story. Their collections contained vibrant, moody, and playful colors to intentionally make the audience feel nostalgic while also being inspired to be bold for the new season. The different shades and hues of orange, purple, blue, and green were chosen to tell the story of a world of fashion that is rooted in history and classic masterpieces, yet always challenging itself to stretch beyond conventional stylistic identity. 

The public can take a look at these colors by watching the recent runway shows for the projected Autumn/Winter 2025, or by visiting the Pantone website where they offer an Autumn/Winter trend report. Out now on their site are the New York and London collection color palettes. Stay tuned for more color trend reports for the most recent Milan and Paris fashion shows to stay up to date with the fashion world. Pantone is not only a source for designers, but the public can learn how to use color in different ways to elevate their style.

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