The secret for the perfect wardrobe. Interview with personal shopper Luigi Antonio Orefice

The secret for the perfect wardrobe. Interview with personal shopper Luigi Antonio Orefice

Naples and fashion: the perfect word combination to describe the origin and career of Luigi Antonio Orefice, the Neapolitan brand ambassador and personal shopper known for his styling advice on social networks. His great passion for men’s fashion and his communication skills allowed him to reach over 50 thousand followers on Instagram. An enthusiast of elegance and double-breasted suits, Orefice answered our questions about fun facts, secrets, and the ins and outs of a profession that is unknown to many, but at the same time highly requested, especially in the luxury world.



When and how did you take an interest in the world of fashion for the first time?

I have always been attracted to anything that can be defined as elegant. When I was a kid, I spent my time locked up in my room in front of the mirror wearing my father’s ties; I changed the shirt and trousers according to the color of this accessory and had a lot of fun creating different types of outfits.

How did you start your job as a personal shopper?

My job as a personal shopper and brand ambassador started for fun about 10 years ago, when I started posting my first contents on my Instagram profile (@louisantonioorefice). These posts were about my style, what I was wearing and how I combined my outfits. I have received very positive feedback from my followers since the beginning.

And then, what happened?

As time passed, I noticed a growing interest towards what I posted and some followers started contacting me to receive some advice for their outfits. Others even asked me to go with them to the different tailor’s shops to advise them when buying suits for their events. It was a great satisfaction knowing that there were people who placed great trust in me.

What does your role specifically entail and what is its aim?

Today my role is following the client step by step, in the choice of an outfit or their whole wardrobe, according to the season. Together, we choose the fabric, colors, models and, finally, the matching accessories, so that every client can feel at ease with what they are wearing. I go with them to the best tailor’s shops I collaborate with to choose the highest quality.

What kind of client needs a personal shopper?

The clients asking me to help them choose their outfits are usually a little confused for what concerns the combinations. According to their ideas, I try to make them understand that we need to create a true harmony between colors, models and their body shape in order to never be ordinary.

What is the first question you ask your clients? How do you understand their needs and wishes?

During the first meeting with the client, I always try to understand what are their outfit ideas and according to those we try to find the right compromise together. For example, if they wanted to use eccentric colors, I would try to indulge their request on one condition: the result must always be harmonized and elegant.

How does the clothes selection process for your clients take place? What features do you look for in the brands and products you choose?

After understanding together what type of outfit we want to create, then we go on with the fabrics and colors research. I am lucky to have the possibility to turn to the best tailor’s shops, with which I have now been collaborating for years, to have tailored garments and custom models made.

How important is the quality of the items of clothing and accessories for you?

A fundamental part for the creation of an outfit is the choice of the fabric: its quality rewards the final work. If we opt for tailored garments made with refined fabrics, when the job is done one can perceive the quality of the material straightaway. Wearing it, you have the feeling not to be wearing anything, a feeling of comfort like no other.

What was the most unexpected request you received for the creation of an outfit or a whole wardrobe?

It can seem strange, but I do not particularly like black, despite its unique elegance. I remember a client asking me to redo his wardrobe in one color: total black. In my heart, I was perplexed, and in the end, I managed to add some grey items. It was a huge success for me.

What is the role of shoes in an outfit creation according to you?

Shoes are essential to bring together an outfit. It’s the cherry on top of the cake. Choosing the shoe model to match the type of attire, as well as the color, is a critical step. If you get either of them wrong, you might ruin the entire outfit.

What kind of importance does a classy but comfortable shoe have, considering that shoes are worn all day long?

It’s extremely important and you need to find the right balance: a shoe that is both elegant but also comfortable, with good quality leather and well constructed, that is shaped beautifully around the foot and feels as comfy as a slipper.

What type of client would you suggest matching Seishou shoes to?

Seishou shoes are a mix of elegance, comfort and versatility. They could be matched with any outfit because they give that casual touch without giving up on style. They are the shoes for a client who does not accept a compromise.

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