Footwear in Exhibition, innovation wins

Footwear in Exhibition, innovation wins

This week brings International success for Micam, an international footwear showroom, Mipel, an international showroom dedicated to leather goods and fashion accessories, TheOneMilano, an Outerwear and Haute à-Porter showroom, and Homi Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, that have just finished at the Milan Exhibition. It has been a chance for a panoramic of great excellences which tell stories of raw materials, machinery and collections between innovation, trends and business possibilities.

In its 96th edition, Micam has brought quality, sustainability, innovation and attention to young people in the Exhibition. Out of 1024 brands shown, 520 were Italians and 504 international, from 30 nations. Spain leads with more than 100 industries. Overall, the results were excellent: exhibitions were visited by 42,273 professional operators from 129 countries, with an increase of 21 % from the September 2022 edition. Most of all, showrooms have shown a strong dynamism of foreign buyers, proving the importance of export for the consolidation in the recovery of the represented sectors.

The manifestations’ final data shows a large trend of visitors who come from Spain, France and Germany. Outside of the European Union, there was a big return from China and confirmation from Japan, the United States and Canada. In Total, there were 2000 brands who presented their collections for the next season. They are all characterized by a high concentration in research and innovation, quality and a strong focus on sustainability. The market, always dynamic, continues to offer opportunities of thought to all sectors.

But what about the fashion market? According to the Focus elaborated by the Ufficio Studi di Sace – subsided by the Ministry of Economics which helps to sustain Italian industries – in the first six months of the year, the exportation value of Made in Italy fashion has increased 5.6 %, driven by sales of clothing and leather accessories. According to the forecast, during 2023, it increased a total of 4.6 % and should continue on this trend for the next three years, bringing in an increase of 3.7 % on average, being able to count on an increasing attention to quality and sustainability. 

The turnover of the fashion sector industries closed the first half of the year recording an increase of 7.2 % compared to the same period of the last year, both in the national and foreign markets, even if with a slower pace than in  previous years. 

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