The name Seishou means “to sing in unison” and reflects our vision to combine contemporary Japanese style and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Timeless designs and high quality manufacture meet to create Seishou shoes.

Masaharu Ikeda

Fashion Director Masaharu Ikeda, born in 1949, has taught at the Sugino Fashion University and the Cultural Clothing Academy in Tokyo and worked in the design room of a leading Japanese shoe brand. He is the founder of Jalfic, a Japanese fashion leather consultancy agency and magazine.

Yuko Matsuzaki

Shoe Designer Yuko Matsuzaki, originally from Tokyo, has lived between London and Milan for 25+ years . She has worked with the largest Japanese women's shoe brand and as a freelance designer, designing shoes for famous Italian and international fashion brands.

Made in Italy

To achieve their vision of modern high quality shoes, designers Ikeda and Matsuzaki have decided to produce their line of luxury footwear in Italian artisanal shoe factories, bringing their experience to the rich history of Made in Italy manufacturing. 

Check out the following video to find out more about Seishou’s shoe making process…


“40 years have passed since I began to carry out my profession as a craftsman and I can say that in my job every single step is essential so that we can obtain a high quality handmade product, like every Seishou shoe, built by skilled and expert hands who take care of all the details. My job consists of assembling the shoe and gluing the sole, followed by quality control".

- Rocco

“My experience in craftsmanship started from the sole warehouse, and then moved on to the assembly line. Being able to closely observe the last stages of the production process, the assembly and finishing of the shoe, was a crucial step in my career and from that moment my work has also become my greatest passion. I specialized through footwear design and development courses and now I deal with the development of CAD lasts and models, which will then go to the cutting phase".

- Mario

"I started working in a tailor's shop and then, in 1989, my adventure in the world of footwear began, also driven by the curiosity for this sector that has accompanied me since I was a child. For 27 years I worked in a well-known Salento footwear company in different roles, including stripper, hand cutter, lynx pantograph, CAD pantograph, shearing of hides, CAD cutting".

- Roberto