Boat Shoes


Once considered a sporty item, now reimagined as an all-day versatile option, these shoes blend an attractive urban feel with the ease and comfort of their moc-toe construction.

They are available in four different colors: camouflage printed leather, dark brown suede leather, light brown calf leather, and white tumbled leather.

Hopkins boat shoes are designed to blend functionality with a sleek aesthetic, giving you the ability to wear them in any situation ranging from outdoor activities to a night out with friends.

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The highly refined version of the iconic streetwear profile allows these sneakers to be paired with semi-formal outfits as well as more casual options.

To achieve their unique look, they are made with two different types of leather: white calfskin is used for most of the upper, a luxurious choice that gives a very polished finish and a flexible fit, while the toe cap is fashioned from gray suede to achieve an overall dynamic look.

Far from being limited to casual situations, Purdue sneakers are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

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A slightly more casual option among dress shoes, the loafers have always embodied a relaxed and chic style.

Made with suede leather, they are soft to the touch and display a stylish exterior. The traditional Blake construction makes them flexible, while the unlined tailoring gives them an extremely comfortable fit.

Pairing the traditional construction with the use of innovative materials, Maryland loafers represent the next step in the history of this classic model.

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Merging the casual design and comfortability of streetwear with elements of more classic models, these sneakers represent the best of both worlds.

Their fresh look is heightened by the white tumbled leather, a material that showcases the perfect balance between classy and informal.

Thanks to their hybrid construction, these shoes have plenty of character and functionality, making Emory a one-of-a-kind item.

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