Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Japan during night time

Tokyo, one of the world's best-living metropolises

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a gigantic metropolis of nearly 14 million people. This also makes it the largest and most populated metropolis in the country and one of the most populated in the world. Its urban sprawl is mainly due to the post-war period, during which the so-called "Greater Tokyo Area" was formed, an area that includes not only the city of Tokyo but also all the neighboring prefectures, creating a metropolitan agglomeration of about forty million people, the most populous in the world.


Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo -


Tokyo is located in the Kanto region of southeastern Japan. The metropolis has transformed from a small fishing village to one of the largest and most powerful metropolises in the world.

Tokyo comprises twenty-three districts, which were originally separate population centers that have now been merged while remaining administratively independent. Specifically, the Tama area is divided into twenty-six towns and one district, including three towns and one village.

Despite being one of the largest and most populated metropolises, Tokyo is one of the world's best cities to live in. Among the many reasons are first and foremost the Japanese citizens themselves, with their education and great respect for people and the environment around them. It is precisely because the citizens respect rules and their discipline that Tokyo is a clean, efficient, and safe city. In fact, despite being so large, it remains among the safest cities in the world, which is also confirmed by the citizens themselves and the many tourists who visit each year. In terms of cleanliness and services, Tokyo also ranks first; in fact, it is spotlessly clean and superbly functioning, with a very efficient public transportation network and all kinds of services for the benefit of its citizens, to name one, the public toilets, which are numerous around the city, clean and above all free of charge.

Despite the fact that Tokyo is a city that has been hit by devastating wars and earthquakes, given its geographical location in a high seismic risk zone, it still retains temples and shrines, pieces of history mixed with new modern architecture around the city. From a school and university perspective, public education is at a very high level and in general Tokyo is no match for other metropolises, having among the most prestigious universities in the country, including the University of Tokyo and Hitotsubashi University.

Another very important element is the presence of green areas, with gardens and parks located in all parts of the city. An element, that of green areas, is increasingly important and in demand within large cities, since it is precisely green areas that help improve air quality, while also optimizing the quality of life and mood of citizens.


Mohri Garden, Tokyo - Fonte: via Pinterest


With all these qualities, it is not surprising that Italians and foreigners in general who have moved there no longer want to leave. Tokyo is a role model that many cities around the world should take as an example, at least in terms of basic aspects such as safety, cleanliness, and respect.

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