Seishou collaborates with IULM University

Seishou collaborates with IULM University

The Seishou brand was hosted by IULM University of Milan, for the presentation of a project designed specifically for the students of the Social Media and Influencer class, run by Professor Leonardo Bellini and Elena De Blasi.

The project involving the Seishou brand and IULM University was born with the purpose of creating a collaborative process between the two.

Seishou is a young brand, and together with young people it shares a common vision of innovation, growth and commitment to excellence.

Hence the idea of developing a project that would involve the students and give them the opportunity to get involved, developing a real project work, which could be used for the next Seishou campaign.

In fact, the students were given two different briefs of their choice on which they could work and give space to their ideas and creativity.

During the meeting, the designer Yuko, flanked by her collaborators, told the story of the company, the creative path, the ecosystem of the Aurora Di Specchia laboratory and the people who are part of it, focusing on Seishou's strengths and mission.

A special parenthesis went to the Ginosa project, of which the designer is particularly fond.

This project takes its name from the black velvet loafer with its essential lines, called Ginosa, featuring a hand-embroidered centuries-old olive tree in the center of the upper.

The shoe realises Yuko's desire to concretely help Apulian farmers in their fight against the Xylella bacterium that has been destroying Apulian olive trees for the past few years, by offering farms an olive tree as a gift for every pair of Ginosa sold.

Seishou offers a special opportunity for fashion enthusiasts who wish to interface with this world, to actively take part in the creative and communicative project behind the image of a brand.

A chance for the students to try their hand at a project where the key words are experimentation and creativity, without too many rules to follow and without brakes that could limit their potential.

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