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Matcha Tea: from traditional drink to a trend

Originally from Imperial China and used for centuries in Japan, Matcha tea is a variety of green tea. It was introduced by Buddhist monks who considered it a healthy drink for both body and mind.

In order to obtain the very fine Matcha powder that is then used to make tea, several steps must be followed. First, the Matcha leaves are dried and then steamed and this first step results in the raw product called ‘Aracha’. Then the leaves are machine-cut to obtain ‘Tencha’ and finally the Tencha is stone ground to a very fine powder which is Matcha.

Matcha tea is prepared through the traditional ‘Tea Ceremony’, a traditional Zen art. The Matcha leaves are ground to a powder, and then this bright green powder is mixed with boiling water using a special bamboo whisk.


the making of matcha tea

The making of Matcha tea with the traditional bamboo whip – via Pinterest


Matcha is one of the few teas in powder form, is rich in vitamins and minerals and is the tea with the highest concentration of antioxidants.

Matcha is not only used to make tea but, now increasingly popular, is also used in the kitchen by chefs, pastry chefs and barmen.

Matcha tea can be found in desserts, ice creams, haute cuisine dishes and also in numerous beverages that are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially coffee drinks such as cappuccino, iced latte and iced coffee.

Matcha has become a pop culture symbol especially for Generation Z, who love to drink it at any time of the day and is obsessed with the aesthetics surrounding it.


matcha iced latte

Matcha latte – via Pinterest


Moreover, because matcha tea has so many beneficial properties for the body, as all its healthy components are consumed, many people are replacing coffee with it, coffee which is now considered by many to be outdated and harmful to health.

It can be called indeed ‘Matcha fever’, as so many people have been won over by this bright green powder with its smooth and distinctive taste.

Who knows whether what has so far seemed more like a passing fad will remain in the future, and whether people will give up their beloved coffee to devote themselves to the consumption of this healthy beverage.


matcha tiramisù

Matcha tiramisù -




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