Moccasins on trend: 4 must-have models of 2024

Moccasins on trend: 4 must-have models of 2024

From the right combination of elegance and comfort comes a shoe with a timeless style that has become increasingly popular in the fashion world in recent years: the moccasin. 

First born as a purely masculine shoe and later becoming feminine as well, the moccasin is a middle ground between a formal and a casual shoe. This makes it a model that can be easily combined with different styles, according to different needs and occasions. 

The loafer has no laces and leaves the ankles uncovered, features that make the shoe comfortable and refined.


Hailey Bieber 



Born in the 1930s and becoming the symbol of preppy style especially in U.S. and British universities, today the loafer is the ideal alternative to sneakers or ballet flats. This is because being a shoe with a formal style but at the same time also casual, it can be worn with different styles, paired with jeans or straight pants, as well as miniskirts or sheath dresses. 

Thus, loafers have become a must-have in every man's and woman's wardrobe and are increasingly loved by stars.


Let us now go into the heart of this article and illustrate the 4 most in vogue moccasin models of this 2024.


1. Brown moccasin

The brown, or whiskey/cognac-colored, moccasin can match with any outfit and is the best alternative to the classic black moccasin. The neutral color is a winning feature that makes it versatile but stylish.


Seishou Maryland loafer


2. Boat Shoe

The boat loafer, also called boat shoes, combines an urban look with the comfort of a moccasin type design, offering a comfortable fit all day long. Not only can you wear them with casual outfits, but you can also pair them with more elegant ones to add a modern touch.


Seishou Boat Shoes


3. Black loafer

A timeless classic for those who can't do without black. A versatile accessory, the black loafer can go with both casual and dressy outfits and is perfect for any occasion. They can be worn with contrasting white or red socks, or simply with bare ankles.


Seishou Suny loafer


4. Sneaker loafer

The sneaker-style loafer allows you to feel light and comfortable all day long and is perfect for anyone who wants to look casual and stylish but doesn't want to compromise on comfort. The ideal outfit for this shoe includes a pair of jeans and a classic T-shirt.


Seishou Brandeis sneaker


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