You Must Try These Japanese Restaurants Milan

You Must Try These Japanese Restaurants Milan

We have created a list of Japanese Restaurants in Milan with many options for all types of food lovers.

We provide options curated by our designer Yuko Matsuzaki, great choices reviewed by Gambero Rosso, and many all you can eat options as well.


Our Designer Yuko's Suggestions

We spoke with our designer, Yuko Matsuzaki, about her favorite Japanese restaurants in Milan. She personally suggested these for the best places to eat Japanese food in the Italian home city for Seishou.

Kappou Ninomiya

At the top of Yuko's list of Japanese restaurants in Milan would have to be Kappou Ninomiya.

This great choice has a minimalist open design with the kitchen in the same space as the dining areas.

The freshest ingredients from Japan and Italy come together very well in this Milanese Japanese Restaurant.

Gastronomiya Yamamoto

Second, on her list is a great option for a more price-oriented customer.

They have a more selective menu curated by the chef for optimal quality.

At Gastronomiya Yamamoto they also sell a large selection of Japanese items and gifts that are very beautiful!

Basara Sushi Milan

This option has some of the best sushi in the city and is highly recommended by Yuko. There are many options like the Milano Sushi Duomo location and one in Porta Romana as well.

We also recommend trying Taiyo Sushi Restaurant. With a large menu and great variety, we think you will enjoy your meal here very much! 

Chef Wicky's Innovative Japanese Cuisine provides one of the most unique experiences and meals in the city. Many say this is a must-eat if you love Japanese foods in Milan.

Finger's Garden is another amazing experience with a beautiful aesthetic reminiscent of traditional Japanese interior design. With gorgeous plates come high prices, but we think it is worth it.

Located in the Brera area Temakinho is next on our list, and it just had its tenth anniversary of being open. There are other locations in Milan as well.

Gambero Rosso List of Best Japanese Restaurants in Milan

Japanese chef preparing sushi in Milan

There are many great choices in Milan as highlighted by Gambero Rosso's guide of the 80+ best sushi restaurants in Milan. Many on Yuko's list are included in this list by Gambero Rosso as well.

The name of this place is Osaka, and here you can get some of the greatest ramens in the city. Before sushi was even a popular option in Milan, Osaka opened its doors in 1999. With a beautiful interior experience as well this may be one that you have to try in Milan.

Next, we think you should try Yoshinobu. This option has a minimalist design as well as a minimalist menu. With only 5 options you are given a large variety of options on your plate.

The Genki sushi boutique is the most interesting on the list. You pick your sushi off of a conveyer belt but don't let that worry you this place is still a great option. With this all you can eat Milano option for under twenty five euros there is no way to go wrong.

Finally, for our main list of the restaurants you should try we think Iyo Omakase. One of the highest-rated restaurants in the city and a traditional experience we recommend this one glowingly.

Highly Rated All You Can Eat Milano

Large plate of Sushi Milan

Sushi in Milan has become an amazing option over the past 25 years. There has been a growing trend in Milan for sushi restaurants to offer an all you can eat option. 

This usually will include any menu items that you wish and you pay a flat fee. Generally, the rules behind this include that you must finish your plate otherwise you pay the price for the item as well. 

We have created a list of some of the most highly rated all you can eat choices. These restaurants obviously may change their menus and deals at any time.

Many people have reviewed them as having some form of all you can eat Milano Sushi/Japanese Food.

List of All you can eat Milan Japanese RestaurantsBowl of ramen with pork, egg, and spoon.

First on the list would be Gifutu Asian Fusion restaurant. This option has a modern aesthetic with an all you can eat option for around 28 euros for over 200 menu items.

Kanji also is a great option with three locations in Milan for all you can eat. They have over 200 menu items as well and offer all you can eat for around 26 euros.

Shibuya Milano is an option with a few more stipulations involving drinks and which menu items you can order. But they offer a lunch all you can eat for around 18 euros during the week and a dinner option for approximately 30 euros.

Sushiyuhu also has a very large menu of around 150+ options and an all you can eat options for under 30 euros. 

Finally one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Milan called Sushi Kobbo is also a lunch or dinner option for somewhere between 16 and 33 euros. If you are looking for a classy experience where you can stuff your face with sushi as well then look no further!

Our team have worked very hard to provide this great list and we hope you enjoy! These Japanese Restaurants in Milan are what we have found to be great options but there are certainly hundreds if not thousands of options to try!

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