The Greatest Clothes Shops in Rome

The Greatest Clothes Shops in Rome

Clothes shops in Rome may not be the first thought people have when thinking of an Italian Fashion Capital. They would be wrong to say that it never was and the clothes shops in Rome would certainly try to convince you otherwise.

We will split this article into two parts based on more centralized Mall like areas where you can shop in one place, and less centralized fashion streets that provide more intimate shopping experiences.

Rome Skyline People have been looking for clothes shops in Rome for centuries, these streets are covered with fashion houses and boutiques that can provide you with great style for any budget.

You will find great options from second-hand stores or outlets to some of the fashion giants just streets away from each other.

There are also many large malls with concentrated fashionable shops in Rome. Milan may be known as one of the largest fashion capitals due to its massive ability to produce and design clothes. But clothing stores in Rome, Italy have just as many options and sometimes even better styles depending on what your preferences are.

Rome fashion streets are some of the most unique in the world and this article, we will discuss and explain some of the best of them in detail.

Malls and Large Outlets

bustling mall with time lapse flow of crowd.

Clothes Shops in Rome Malls

If you love bigger global brand names such as Zara, H&M, or OVS you should certainly make your way to a shopping mall for clothes stores in Rome. There are two large ones called Galleria Commerciale Porta Di Roma and Euroma2.

Porta Di Roma has a large selection of great clothing stores in Rome. They have a list of brands containing over 180 stores and 20+ restaurants.

This would be a great option if you enjoy more globalized brands and are not too picky about receiving the best deal at least compared to an outlet mall which we will discuss next.

Euroma2 has a similar offering to Porta Di Roma but is located directly in the center of Rome. They also have a list of brands online. This will likely be one of the easiest to get to when traveling through Rome or just staying near the city center.

If you are coming for a quick trip and wish to see as many Rome clothes shops as you can this should be on your list.

Outlets In Rome

Clothing on a rack with a hat as well. White backgroundIf you love to spend entire days or weekends shopping for deals, there are two main spots you will be spending your time in Rome.

Castel Romano Designer Outlet (also known as MacArthurGlen) has some amazing outdoor choices that will keep you entertained.

The Valmontone Outlet is a bit further but has a very similar outdoor space the main differences will be the exact brand lists if you click on the names of either one.

The choice is easy if you know exactly what you want but there is not a large distinction if you just want to shop around to find good outlet clothes shops in Rome.

Valmontone Outlet has just as many brands as Castel Romano and to make sure you find what you want, I would look at the list before you go.

Comparing the two choices on your own is the only way to come to the correct conclusion on where the best places for clothes shopping in Rome would be. Castel Romano Designer Outlet provides a great shopping choice around 20 minutes from Rome.

Not only is it a great spot for cheaper fashion but there are many amenities such as restaurants and cafes in a beautiful space.

There are over 150 top brands available such as Furla, Jimmy Choo, and Blumarine. The prices here can be anywhere from great to amazing at up to 70% off at certain times.

Options for Clothes Shops in Rome Fashion Streets not in centralized retail spaces

Spanish Steps in Rome with large crowd

In case none of these options above can fill your need to find the best clothes shops in Rome, there are many fashion streets in Rome as well.

Via dei Condotti has some of the most expensive stores including Burberry, Chanel, Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. This is near La Fontana della Barraccia and the famous Spanish Steps. Heading near there will surely bring you to a great spot for clothing stores in Rome.

Large Fashion Houses and other streets for shopping 

Stores at Spanish steps Dior and Prada logos visible.


At Via del Babuino and many other streets nearby the Piazza di Spagna (The Spanish Steps), there are great options in that entire area.

For lower-priced options of less luxury that is not going to drain the wallet, there are options on Via del Corso as well. 

Vintage and Secondhand Clothing Shops

Vintage Clothing in Red Neon Sign inside secondhand store

Some people even say that the best clothes shopping in Rome, Italy overall are through secondhand or vintage shops.

These shops provide something that the new retailers can only work hard to reach and that is confirmed styles that are scarce to find.

It can be described as a trickle-down effect from the highest streets just talked about on the Spanish steps over the past 30 years slowly to these small boutique size clothing stores in Rome.

One of the best places to go for secondhand stores would be the Monti area in Rome which is known for a very local presence with a bit less touristy vibe.

The first clothing shop in Rome we will explore in Monti should be Pifebo located at Via dei Serpenti 135, this place is known for its’ amazing quality leather products while remaining vintage/secondhand prices.

The next option for secondhand in the Monti would be Moll Flanders. They are known for being a smaller store while providing some of the best prices for great products.

Another great option, if you are interested in custom design work, would be Le Nou. The owner provides custom fittings for women’s and men’s wear and she can even design a completely custom dress for you if you would like. A great option for custom Rome clothes shopping.

Finally, King Size Vintage is the largest of the stores available but it provides a unique and fun shopping experience since there will be things from 50+ years ago placed next to newer styles as well.

These stores should not be the only ones you go into, for the entire Monti area contains an innumerable amount of great secondhand and vintage stores.

If you enjoy older fashion or great deals I would not miss the Monti shopping streets in Rome. But obviously, these are not your only choices for a great clothes shop in Rome experience.

We recommend that you look for the clothes shops in Rome that have the clothes you want for the price you desire.

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