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Fukushi Ito: Mishima Code II, Contemporary Art Exhibition in Venice

Mishima Code II: the contemporary art exhibition by Japanese artist Fukushi Ito, will be on display from June 16, 2022 to July 03, 2022. It will be on display at the "Sala San Tommaso" in Venice on the "Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo".

Fukushi Ito: The Artist of The Mishima Code II


Fukushi Ito was born in Nagoya, Japan. She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and took a course in Japanese painting in the Department of Painting.

After completing a postgraduate course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, she moved to Italy, to Florence, and now lives and works in Milan.

Fukushi Ito's artistic investigation and experimentation with materials is a human, anthropological and spiritual quest to explain our existence in the world and the way humanity represents and shapes itself.

Mishima Code II: The Venice Exhibition


The exhibition "Mishima Code II" follows the first exhibition of the same series: "Mishima Code", held in Florence in 2021. It returned to Florence after 30 years since its first exhibition at the Palazzo Vecchio Gallery (1984).

The exhibition of contemporary art will take place in the beautiful city of Venice and will be on display from 16/06/2022 to 03/07/2022.

It is free of charge, so everyone can visit it. The work of Fukushi Ito was exhibited in the "Sala San Tommaso" on the "Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo".

The exhibition is curated by Virginia Monteverde and Roberto Mastroianni and organised by the Art Commission in collaboration with Etherea Art Gallery and MAIIIM under the auspices of the Consulate General of Japan in Milan.

The Japanese artist Fukushi Ito returns to Venice, choosing the time of the Biennale to present the exhibition in the city that, in 1983, was the first in Italy to host a solo exhibition of his works.

This large installation of works concludes the artist's ten-year research on the poet: Yukio Mishima.

Yukio Mishima


Yukio Mishima is one of the most important Japanese authors of the 20th century and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968.

Mishima's work is distinguished by its luxurious vocabulary and decadent metaphors, its fusion of traditional Japanese and modern Western literary styles, and its obsessive assertions of the unity of beauty, eroticism, and death.

Mishima Code II: Themes


In this body of work, through experimentation with languages, materials, and new technologies, the artist further develops the themes addressed by Mishima, creating works of great visual and emotional impact.

The values of the images, inspired by Mishima's literary and biographical corpus, become the playground of a research by Fukushi Ito.

The artist's works include photography, computer drawing and installation sculpture, while paying homage to the Japanese writer from her personal point of view.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Fukushi Ito has also realised her first NFT with the work "In The Space, in The Time / Mishima Code k6".

Fukushi Ito's Mishima Code II is certainly a brilliant contemporary exhibition, so it definitely deserves to be seen and understood. There are only a few days left to see it. Do not miss it!

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