How to Travel to Japan: Current Changes in Covid Restrictions

How to Travel to Japan: Current Changes in Covid Restrictions

Japan recently removed a majority of it's Covid travel restrictions. There are still restrictions on independent travelers though. 

Currently it is required that you book a package tour through a Japanese travel company. This means that you will not really be able to plan your own private or individual trips yet.

How to Enter Japan

Japanese Busy Street at Night Travelling

The Japanese Consulate in Los Angeles has some of the most updated information on their website. As well as here is the link to the application for the visa form required to enter Japan.

The process for this Entrants, Returnees Follow up System Visa is slightly complicated but not too hard to figure out.

Firstly you must find a Japanese travel company to purchase a package tour from them. Next we have a great list of some of the best tour package companies.

Good Options for Booking Travel

Traditional Road Side Japanese Store

Samurai tours offers traditional Japanese cultural tours for some of the lower prices.

Japan Deluxe Tours offers unique cultural themed tours that can cater to anybody's desires for a great Japanese trip. offers a graet selection of only private tours so you can get the perfect experience with no strangers and you can even personalize them to make the trip truly for you.

Japan City Tour offers a much pricier choice but private tours that include some of the most unique experiences around. They also offer tours in Spanish and Italian as well.

We would recommend that you do some research on your own to determine exactly if the tours you choose are compliant with current regulations.

But also you want to make sure you choose the right tour for your interests so don't book something you don't think will be fun!

Last Steps

Gorgeous Japanese Mountain

The process can be very easy after you have found the tour group you wish to purchase through.

The company will apply through the ERFS visa system for you.

Next you will recieve a certification of registration in your email.

The next step would be to send the certification and any other relevant documents like a passport to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

You will also need a negative Covid test within 72 hours of leaving for Japan. 

But other than those small steps you are all ready to go to Japan!

We wish you the best of luck in your Travel to Japan after the most recent changes in Covid restrictions.

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