The Best Fashion Schools in Italy

The Best Fashion Schools in Italy

Are you passionate about fashion, and thinking of studying fashion? Italy offers a wide choice for fashion students: discover the best fashion schools in Italy in our article!

Italy is worldwide recognized as the homeland of fashion.

From the design to the styling, “il Bel Paese” is renowned for its traditionselegance and care for details, when it comes to fashion.

Every year thousands of people decide indeed to study fashion in Italy.

Here are all the details of the top fashion schools in Italy, which include a wide choice of courses and specializations.

We’ve listed here, by alphabetical order, private and public schools, which offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees. You will need a high-school diploma to apply to these:

Accademia Costume & Moda

Founded in 1964, the Accademia Costume & Moda is a top fashion school known for its didactic method in educating professionals within the fashion, performing arts, and communication and management industries.

The academy, which is the only italian school who has been awarded the LVMH Graduate Prize, is renowned for its culture rooted in experimentation, design and craftsmanship.

It is located in Rome and Milan, Italy and has produced famous alumni such as the two most recent Gucci creative directors and Maurizio Galante, one of the most respected haute couture fashion designers.

Accademia Costume & Moda often hosts lectures and workshops in partnerships with brands like Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

  • Bachelor of Arts degrees: Costume & Fashion; Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication;
  • Master degrees: Alta Moda, Fashion Design; Accessories Design; Style & Management; Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution; Creative Knitwear Design; The Art & Craft of the Costume Designer; Fabrics Innovation Design; Fashion Jewelry; Fashion Communication & Art Direction
  • Where: Rome, Milan

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

Located in Bologna, Italy the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna is a historical art academy that dates all the way back to 1710.

This renowned academy ensures a high qualified artistic education and has become a degree-winning educational institution with a further campus in Cesena, Italy. 

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Bologna

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

Sharing a facility with Milan's Pinacoteca di Brera public museum for art, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera is a state-run public academy of the fine arts. The academic education leads students beyond their artistic degrees.

This well-known institution offers a popular Master Degree in Fashion Design.

  • Master degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Milan

Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone

As an academic center rooted in artistic and cultural variances of the different areas of Italy, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone was founded in 1973 in Frosinone.

It was started to create a movement toward development of southern and less central areas in Italy.

The two courses offered in the fashion area (a Bachelor degrees in Fashion Design and a Master degree in Fashion Design) aim at creating excellent professional clothing and accessories designers. 

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Frosinone

Accademia Italiana

With campuses located in both Rome and Florence, the Accademia Italiana is one of the most important Italian institutes for studying design, the applied arts, and fashion. Students are encouraged and supported to develop their creative potential. 

Since 1984, this renowned academy offers fashion and design courses including a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Master degrees in Fashion and Textile Design, and Fashion Design and Management.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion and Textile Design; Fashion Design and Management
  • Where: Florence and Rome

Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna

Considered to be one of the oldest universities of the Western world, the Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna is a University made up of over 90,000 students.

It has academic and extracurricular activities in the the following locations of Bologna, Rimini, Cesena, Forlì, and Ravenna, even if fashion-related courses (including a Bachelor degree in Fashion Cultures and Practices, and a Master degrees in Fashion Studies) are mostly based in Rimini. 

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Cultures and Practices
  • Master degrees: Fashion Studies
  • Where: Rimini

    Domus Academy

    Founded in 1982, Domus Academy, the first post-graduate design school in Italy, is a prestigious academy known for excellence in the areas of fashion, design, and architecture.

    In 2022, this academy was selected as a top 3 design school within Italy and amongst the top 100 in the world for art & design.

    Its campus is located in the Navigli district, which is a hotspot for Milan nightlife and entertainment. The campus is shared with the New Academy of Fine Arts and has a vibrant student population representing more than 50 nationalities.

    It offer post graduate courses, with a curriculum mostly focused on the management side of fashion.

    • Master degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Management; Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising; Luxury Brand Management
    • Where: Milan

      Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

      The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) is part of an international higher education network with both international students and locations.

      Founded in 1966, IED now offers courses focused on the fields of design, fashion, visual arts and communication, in four different countries: Italy, Spain, Brasil and China.

      Its programs are focused on the development of cultural, creative and critical skills and competencies. Special attention of the curriculum goes to the industrial side of fashion with many practical courses that train students in supply chain and marketing-related disciplines.

      The Italian IED, which is where the fashion related courses take place,  welcomes about 2000 foreign students each year. Some of the famous graduates include Maria Grazia Chiuri (creative director of Dior) and Beatriz Baleeiro (designer at Alexander McQueen).

      Most of the fashion programs are held in the Milan campus. 

      • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing; Fashion Stylist and Editor; Fashion Stylist and Communication; Jewelry Design; Fashion Textile Design
      • Master degrees: Communication for Marketing and Fashion, Fashion Business, Fashion Communication and Styling, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Jewelry Design, Textiles
      • Where: Milan, Cagliari, Como, Florence, Rome, Venice, Turin; abroad: Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro

      Istituto Marangoni

      One of the oldest and most prestigious fashion schools in the world, since 1935 the Istituto Marangoni has been driven by the four main pillars of prestigious locations, highly-qualified teachers, international ethos, and Italian style.

      The combination of academic learning with creative activities allow the over 4000 students a unique learning experience.

      It’s Milan campus, located right in the heart of the fashion capital of Italy, ranked as the 7th best fashion school in the world in 2021.

      Selected students have the chance to present their work at Milan Fashion Show. Some of the alumni you might know are designers Franco Moschino and Jhoan Sebastian Grey, and Valentina Collado, the fashion director of Vogue Mexico.

      It offers a wide choice of fashion-related bachelor and master degrees, in the areas of fashion design, styling and business.

      • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Business; Fashion Business & Buying; Fashion Business Communication & Media; Fashion Business Digital Communication & Media; Fashion Design; Fashion Design & Accessories; Fashion Design & Marketing; Fashion Styling & Creative Direction; Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
      • Master degrees: Fashion Art & Textile Innovation; Fashion Buying & Merchandising / Contemporary Fashion Buying; Fashion Business & Digital Marketing; Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship; Fashion Design Menswear, Fashion Design Womenswear; Fashion Design & Activewear; Fashion Design Collection & Marketing; Fashion e-business and Digital Transformation; Fashion & Luxury Brand Management; Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce; Fashion Product Management; Fashion Promotion Communication & Media; Fashion Promotion Communication & Digital Media; Luxury Accessories Design & Management
      • Where: Milan, Florence; abroad: Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Miami

      Istituto Modartech

      Located in the heart of Tuscany in Pontedera, the Istituto Modartech is an institution focussing on innovation, culture, and design.

      As an academic center for fashion and communication fields, it offers many courses and fields filled with research, experimentation, and planning. 

      • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
      • Master degrees: Fashion Design Job Master, Footwear And Bag Design Job Master
      • Where: Pontedera

        Istituto Secoli

        Having headquarters in both Milan and Novara, and a location in Guangzhou (China), the Istituto Secoli is the school of "making fashion." It was the first Italian fashion school, as it was established in 1934, and has many generations of fashion makers in the world. 

        This fashion school starts from the concept of prêt-à-porter to reach its tangible form.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design And Techologies / Women’s wear; Fashion Design and Technologies / Menswear;
        • Master degrees: High Fashion and Bridal Wear; Knitwear Technologies; Patternmaking Women’s Wear; Patternmaking Menswear; Sartorial Menswear
        • Where: Milan and Novara; abroad: Guangzhou (China)

        IUAD (Accademia della Moda - Institute of Universal Art and Design)

        As another institution who highlights "makers" of fashion, the Accademia della Moda IUAD is acknowledged for its Bachelor's Degrees in the South of Italy.

        This institution stands out for its creative and cooperative soul, and highlights preparing students for the professional world by creating practical activities and courses such as workshops, exhibitions, and networking events. 

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Design: Fashion Business & Management
        • Master degrees: Accessories Design; Technical Design for Fashion
        • Where: Naples, Milan

        IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia)

        Università IUAV in Venice is one of the leading Italian universities for the training of fashion designers and fashion studies.

        The available bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of fashion design train professionals who can chart an innovative path in the definition of a new and internationally open Italian fashion school.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts
        • Master degrees: Fashion & Visual Arts
        • Where: Venice

        LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti)

        Since 1999, LABA aims at creating the most creative professionals of the future.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
        • Master degrees: Fashion Design and Research
        • Where: Brescia

        Moodart Fashion School

        As an international boutique school, the Moodart School of Fashion Communication trains students to be professionals in fashion communication.

        This International Boutique School offers Tailor-made, small classes and paths to the students, and a balanced mix of pratical-theoretical knowledge and technical know-how.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Communication, Brand & Events; Fashion Photography & Creative Content Creator; Fashion Styling & Editor; Fashion Visual Merchandising & Store Design
        • Master degrees: Fashion Communication & Events; Fashion Communication & Social Media; Fashion Make Up; Fashion Photography & Video; Fashion Styling and Art Direction; Visual Merchandising & Retail Experience

        Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA)

        With campuses in both Milan and Rome, the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), a private academy of fine art, has approximately 3000 students, some of whom are from abroad.

        NABA tries to challenge the inflexibility of the traditional academic world. This institution gives students experiences and projects to prepare them for the real world.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design;
        • Master degrees: Fashion Design; Textile Design
        • Where: Milan, Rome


        Founded in 1986, Polimoda (Politecnico Internazionale della Moda), one of the best independent Italian fashion schools, is a private institution with an interdisciplinary approach to fashion education and values centred around heritage, research, and creativity.

        It's ranked among the top 10 fashion schools in the world. 

        Many of the courses are done in collaboration with fashion industry heavyweights such as Kris Van Assche, Caroline Issa, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

        Previous Director Ferruccio Ferragamo has been replaced in 2021 by Massimiliano Giornetti, former Creative Director of Salvatore Ferragamo and Polimoda head of fashion design department.

        Polimoda regularly organizes events and initiatives to spotlight the work of its best students. Such events include the annual graduation Polimoda Fashion Show, and Business Links for one-on-one interaction between graduate students and companies. 

        Conveniently located in Florence, Italy, it offers a plethora of fashion-related undergraduate and masters programs and lots of opportunities to study abroad too.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Accessories Design; Fashion Art Direction; Fashion Business; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing Management; Fashion Styling; Fashion Technology
        • Master degrees: Bag Design; Collection Design; Creative Direction; Fashion Art Direction; Fashion Brand Management; Fashion Critique; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing & Communications; Fashion Merchandising & Buying; Fashion Retail Management; Fashion Styling; Fashion Trends Forecasting; International Fashion Business; Knitwear Design; Luxury Business; Product Management; Shoe Design; Sustainable Fashion
        • Where: Florence

        Politecnico di Milano

        Founded in 1863, the Politecnico di Milano is an institution with disciplines in architecture, design, and engineering. This public scientific-technological university focuses on research and provide students quality teaching through experimental research and technological transfer.

        While Politecnico is mostly known in Italy for its focus on scientific and technical disciplines, it's also ranked #5 among the best “Art & Design” universities in the world, according to QS World University Rankings.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
        • Master degrees: Design for the Fashion System
        • Where: Milan

        RCS Academy Business School

        With seven different academies, the RCS Academy Business School is a school of high prestige with the two offices being located in Milan, Italy. Furthermore, the RCS Academy offers online live-streaming education that can be reached at all times for masters.

        RCS Academy is a business school whose goal, in the fashion field, is to create the best professionals when it comes to luxury and fashion management.

        • Master degrees: Fashion And Luxury Management
        • Where: Milan

        Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli

        The Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli offers an international joint degree course in Fashion Design with the Okan University - Art, Fashion and Fashion Design Department in Instanbul, Turkey, and a degree course in Design for Innovation in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT).

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
        • Master degrees: Design for the Fashion System
        • Where: Caserta, Instanbul, Beijing

        Università degli Studi di Firenze

        Known as a center for research and higher training, the Università degli Studi Firenze offers a large range of education programs, including fashion related studies, with a strong international vocation.

        An interesting aspect to this university is that it has one of the largest and most productive research systems to the public within Italy.

        • Master degrees: Fashion System Design
        • Where: Florence

        Università degli Studi di Milano

        The Università degli Studi di Milano is among the most comprehensive  universities in Italy. With headquarters in the city center of Milan, courses are held in various locations within Milan and Lombardy.

        When it comes to the fashion area, Università degli Studi di Milano offers a master degree in the communication field, with the opportunity to specialize your studies in fashion in one of the top fashion capitals of the world.

        • Master degrees: Publishing, Communication and Fashion Cultures
        • Where: Milan

        Università di Roma Sapienza

        The historical Università di Roma Sapienza, with more than 100,000 students, is the biggest university in Italy, and also one of the most ancient.

        It offers a few choices for students with an interest in a career in the fashion industry. In particular, their MA in Fashion Studies, which has been running for over 10 years, prepares students for high-level responsibilities in the world of fashion or for independent careers in the fashion industry and a wide range of related fields.

        • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Studies
        • Master degrees: Fashion Studies; Fashion Theories And Strategies; Fashion Management
        • Where: Rome

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