The Best Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

The Best Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

To keep up with the most recent news in the fashion industry and learn about its history throughout time, discover the best fashion podcasts to listen to now. 

Due to the pandemic, this past year has been difficult for the fashion industry. However, the interest in fashion and luxury has not vanished. Podcasts for fashion are a great way to keep connected to the fashion industry as it keeps the conversation alive.

Podcasts give listeners a peek inside the fashion industry, its current events, and where fashion trends and ideas have come from.

There are many fashion related podcasts to choose to listen to. From ones that dive into the current events and trends regarding fashion to ones that explore its history through time, listeners can find any information relating to fashion from past to future.

In the upcoming selection, we have found some of the best fashion podcasts that discuss fashion and style. They give tips, advice, and a plethora of information regarding clothing and accessories. We divided the selections into three categorical lists as follows:

Fashion Podcasts List

The best fashion podcasts for you to listen to currently:

The top podcasts that cover fashion and more:

The best podcasts on fashion that are no longer active:

Best Fashion Podcasts To Listen To Currently

Here is our selection of the current best podcasts on fashion that you can listen to in order to keep up to date on current fashion events and trends.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

This weekly podcast is a great option to listen to if you want to keep up with changes and the news in the fashion industry. Offering insight into editorial stories or new fashion perspectives, listeners can learn from various experts of the industry and stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and stories.

It covers some of the most discussed topics in the fashion industry. These include technology, sustainability, retail, and the pandemic, while also diving into specific brands or designers. For example, a recent podcast explores the sustained success on TikTok, a social media app that has taken over the industry.

This podcast is led by Imran Amed who also happens to be the founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion. This company has reached a world-wide audience due to its mission of building a global fashion community to connect those within the industry. It combines fashion related business advice, resources, and tools that make it useful to listeners.

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Dressed: The History of Fashion

This fashion podcast takes a more historical approach to the fashion industry. Using both cultural and social points of view, this podcast explores the history of all things fashion related, from clothes to accessories. 

The hosts of this fashion history podcast are Cassidy Zachary, a fashion historian and published author, and April Calahan, a special collections associate at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. Their main idea is to provide listeners with the stories behind the who, what, when, and why consumers wear specific types of clothing. 

Each episode involves interviewing an expert to dive into explanations of why we wear specific articles of fashion and their significant background. Furthermore, they host episodes regarding historical myths that have come to impact the fashion industry. Overall, the podcast episodes follow fashion through time, giving great historical perspectives to listeners.

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Fashion Victims Podcast

To keep up with the latest fashion news while also getting the most discussed gossip, one can listen to the Fashion Victims Podcast. The two entertaining hosts of this original fashion podcast are Luke Meagher, the creator of the YouTube channel HauteLeMode, and Darnell Jamal, a fashion historian and curator.

Within the one hour long podcast episodes, listeners receive a recap of what occurred in the fashion industry throughout the previous week. They even dive into how current events are impacting the industry, such as the current pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis. 

Adding in their personal opinions and anecdotes, listeners are sure to be entertained by the hosts. They even collaborate with designers or stylists to get their take on current events in the fashion industry.

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Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

Highlighting sustainability within the fashion industry, an ethical fashion podcast called Wardrobe Crisis is a great option to listen to. This fashion sustainability podcast delves into fashion topics relating to sustainability, eco-friendly products, and ethical fashion brands and designers. It emphasizes the message of making a difference in fashion - whether that be what we buy or which fashion businesses we support as consumers.

The audience of this podcast is world-wide, with over 1 million downloads. Within the over 150 episodes, the host collaborates with guests ranging from supermodels to runway stars to even designers. One is sure to keep up with current events such as large issues, like the future of fashion or climate change in regards to fashion, are discussed.

The host, Clare Press, happens to be the first Vogue sustainability editor. While elaborating on the issues and negative impacts of fashion she applauds the solutions that fashion industry innovators are discovering and implementing. 

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Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

The podcast Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes keeps up with the fashion industry’s most influential designers. The host, Suzy Menkes, the editor of Vogue International, interviews the most influential designers, executives, and thinkers who are currently impacting the industry.

These in-depth interviews offer great insight into the fashion industry as one of the podcasts for fashion executives. Each podcast is around thirty minutes long, offering an in-depth analysis of current events.

Furthermore, she has over 40 podcast episodes available on her site. Topics and interviews covered include Hubert De Givenchy, Homo Faber, and Dave Benett. A great listen to hear from professionals.

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The Menswear Style Podcast

Hosted by Peter Brooker, the lifestyle editor for Menswear Style and co-author on a book about the style of James Bond, this mens fashion podcast highlights male fashion and lifestyles. It is an online podcast for men available for all to listen.

The Menswear Style Podcast includes gaining insights from influential designers, new innovative brands, and rising entrepreneurs within the fashion industry. These interview podcast offer new perspectives and opinions to current events and styles.

Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher. Some specific topics one can hear include the latest trends, style inspiration, and motivational business techniques.

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Style And Direction

Focussing on classic and vintage menswear, the Style & Direction Podcast is a laid back men's fashion podcast. The two hosts even dive into the influence culture and society have on men's fashion. 

The two hosts, Ethan M. Wong and Spencer Otte, discuss their personal style and opinions while also inviting guest speakers to offer fashion insights. Some of their recent podcasts discuss standing out in fashion, how lifestyle impacts buying clothing, and interviewing influencers or people in the fashion industry.

Of the over one-hundred episodes, you are sure to find something that peaks your interest. The talk of vintage and contemporary menswear combined with the influence of culture and society is sure to make one think of how their own style fits into the world.

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A Different Tweed – Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave

Hosted by Bronwyn Cosgrave, a fashion professional that has both produced fashion documentaries and written in fashion magazines, hosts the podcast A Different Tweed

During this podcast, Bronwyn interviews designers and stylists to get their perspectives on the process of fashion and luxury brands. They offer a first-hand perspective to the process of creating a collection, especially during the isolation of the pandemic.

Perhaps what makes this original fashion podcast so interesting is that the process of crafting fashion is told through entertaining storytelling. The podcast is international and a great listen to viewers hoping to gain insight into the creative process of someone in the fashion industry.

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Corporate Lunch

Corporate Lunch is an entertaining podcast created by the editors of GQ Style which is the fashion section within the GQ online magazine. Some popular discussions on this podcast include forecasting upcoming trends, discovering unknown brands, and looking deep into the fashion industry.

The episodes may touch on various topics regarding fashion. These include the overarching culture of fashion, crucial lifestyle tips, choosing between types of cloths, and new or undiscovered collections of brands.

The most interesting topic that makes this podcast stand out from others is discovering unknown brands. This gives listeners new brands to look into and gives further exposures to new brands to the market.

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Fashion Is Your Business

Fashion Is Your Business is a retail technology podcast that posts weekly podcasts. This podcast brings fashion and technology together into one realm. This strong connection makes for interesting discussions.

Featured on this clothing podcast are interviews with guests that are pioneers in fashion or retail technology. Topics that are conversed with the guests include e-commerce, retail technology, and types of clothing.

Produced by MouthMedia Network, this podcast covers fashion businesses from startups to big name brands. Perspectives are brought in from the guests about brands, trends, changes in the industry, and the growing relevance of technology within the fashion industry. 

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The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast

The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast, created by Heidi Sew, is focused on the professional side of fashion to help you get ahead on fashion. A strong focus is on gaining confidence within the industry, even if you think you are late to join. 

Within the over 100 podcasts, listeners can gain insight to fashion jobs, tips and techniques for joining the industry, and learn of more fashion brands. 

People interested in joining the industry and becoming a fashion professional can listen to kickstart their freelance fashion career. There are podcasts regarding fashion jobs, fashion freelancers, and brands to aid listeners in creating the best work-life balance.

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The Cutting Room Floor

Created and hosted by fashion designer Recho Omondi, The Cutting Room Floor podcast discusses the fashion industry as a whole. It deep dives into fashionable discussions and is referred to as Fashion's Only Fashion Show.

Some of the podcasts feature interviewing up and coming industry designers. The interviews are very direct and push the guests to share their real opinions on issues regarding the fashion industry. They often discuss the current fashion industry and new developments or ideas coming to real life.

Omondi calls her podcast “Fashion’s Only Fashion Show” because she knows the right questions to ask guests due to her history within the industry. 

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Pop Fashion Podcast

Pop Fashion is a fashion news comedy podcast hosted by Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar. It is a good listen for people both in and outside of the fashion industry. 

Topics covered within the comedic podcast include retail openings and closings, runway fashion looks, the elements that work to create a personal style, and issues within the fashion industry. Some issues conversed about include human rights and sustainability issues, making it an ethical fashion podcast. 

This long-running fashion podcast has just reached over four-hundred podcasts to listen to. This amount of variety gives a lot of options for listeners in the fashion industry. Covering the latest topics in fashion, this podcast keeps up to date and keeps listeners informed.

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Top Podcasts That Cover Fashion And More

Here you can find our selection of the top podcasts that cover a variety of topics and still include fashion.

The Wing Woman

This podcast covers a range of topics from side-hustles to real life crises to fashion. A recent fashion topic that was discussed was fashion yearnings. Despite the wide range of topics, listeners can find podcasts directly relating to fashion and the industry.

Two best friends and journalists host this podcast, Charlie Gowans-Eglinton and Frankie Graddon. They mainly discuss the millennial life, from ups to downs. They mainly go into fashion when voicing their perspectives on how fashion impacts everyday life.

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Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion is a collection of podcasts from the luxury fashion retailer MatchesFashion. It is hosted by the journalist Danielle Radojcin with guests in many special edition episodes. 

Each episode revolves around interviewing an artist, some of which happen to be within the fashion industry. The podcast goes from talking about the artist’s story to their philosophies and ideas about arts in the current world.

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Blamo! is another podcast that explores the creative industry through the people who shape it. These personalities range from editors and designers to actors, athletes, and artists. The range is wide, so many people relating to fashion, like designers and artists, come to talk about the industry.

The founder and host, Jeremy Kirkland, talks weekly to a different guest in regards to their personal story and career path. He even touches on what their outlook and potential plans are for the future.

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From Tailors With Love

This weekly podcast dives into outfits we see in movies and television. From dress wear to casual outfits to costumes, this clothing podcast explores the styles seen on films known by many.

Created by Matt Spaiser, the editor of Bond Suits, and Pete Brooker, the host of Menswear Style Podcast, the hosts often interview guests on the podcast. Some guests include designers of outfits seen on films, brands who supplied clothing, and tailors who have worked the clothing.

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Best Fashion Podcasts That Are No Longer Active

There are other podcasts about fashion that are no longer active but still have their posts available to listeners. Here is our pick of the top ones that you should not miss out on.

The Buttoned Up Podcast

The Buttoned Up was a weekly podcast hosted by Brock McGoff, founder of the fashion blog The Modest Man, and John Shanahan, the creator of the menswear review website The Kavalier. While it has been no longer active for two years, the content still connects to the fashion industry today. 

This podcast covers topics from style advice to the creative design process of fashion to even interviewing creators within the fashion industry. The main theme of the conversations is the modern gentleman’s lifestyle.

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Fashion Unzipped

With over seventy podcasts available to listen to, the Fashion Unzipped podcast is a conversational podcast with high ratings. It was created by The Telegraph.

This podcast covers fashion from high street fashion to haute couture. This large range allows listeners to gain insights into all types of fashion. They even have “a day in the life” podcasts which allow listeners to see the perspective of the day-to-day job someone in the fashion industry may have. 

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Fashion No Filter

Hosted by fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, this podcast goes into honest conversations about the fashion industry. 

This podcast offers insights into a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry. They often explore and connect the relationships between fashion and pop culture or the digitally driven era. 

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In VOGUE: The 2000s

From VOGUE, this fashion podcast dives into fashion from the early 2000s. It mainly highlights the changes and innovations those years brought into the fashion industry for years to follow. 

The hosts discuss how fashion from the 2000s fused with pop culture. They even converse about fashion trends, iconic looks, and the most popular brands. Some specific podcasts touch on Juicy Couture, the Met Gala, and the colliding worlds of Vogue and Hollywood

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Unravel: A Fashion Podcast

Unravel podcast is hosted by Jasmine Helm, a fashion scholar, and Dana Goodin, a textile conservator. The episodes aim at educating listeners on the importance of fashion in history and everyday life

The aim of the podcast is to highlight and showcase an inclusive fashion industry. It is at the front of making fashion history an important subject matter to be educated on. 

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Articles of Interest

As a two-season mini-series, Articles of Interest is a podcast that was created by Avery Trufelman. Covering a wide range of themes and concepts, this podcast touches on all aspects of the fashion industry. 

Some interesting discussions include the rise of more casual wear, environmental impacts of clothing and textiles, sustainability in the industry, and why womens clothing often does not have pockets.

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American Fashion Podcast

Hosted by fashion experts Charles Beckwith and Catherine Schepis, the American Fashion Podcast dives into understanding the American fashion industry. With over two-hundred and fifty episodes, this podcast covers a wide range of topics.

The main emphasis is on how the fashion industry works as a whole and is constantly changing through evolution. Included are some notable fashion business interviews with big names in the fashion industry from designers to stylists.

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What Were You Thinking Podcast

The What Were You Thinking Podcast was hosted by designer Henry Holand. He interviews designers, stylists, and artists throughout his podcast episodes. 

These interviews take a look at the thought process those getting interviews go through when creating fashion. It explores the way they tell stories through fashion, what it means to them, and how they come up with ideas

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Fashion Talks

Fashion Talks takes a look at the world through the lens of the fashion industry, offering an intriguing perspective on the world around us. 

Fashion journalist Donna Bishop interviews people who work with fashion, like stylists and designers, to create conversations about the influence fashion has on culture and society in the world. The impact of fashion on the world is combined with the impact our world has on fashion and the clothes people wear. 

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Fashion Hags

Created by fashion enthusiasts Evan Ducharme, Katie Garnham and Abby Shumka, this fashion podcast is full of entertaining episodes brought from Canada. The casualness of the podcasts, with opinions and shade throwing, makes for a good listen.

The episodes talk about all things fashion, from clothing to designing to the retail side of the fashion industry. The hosts enthusiastically talk about the global fashion industry.

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This article lists great options for fashion podcasts to listen to in order to learn more about the fashion industry. They offer insights into the history of fashion, outlooks on the future of fashion, perspectives from people working in the industry, and much more.

Hopefully, you will find podcasts for fashion to listen to and learn more about the fashion industry.

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