Designer Outlets in Italy

Designer Outlets in Italy

Designer outlets are stores in which manufacturers sell products directly to consumers. These products are typically sold at a discounted price and have sales year round, which is what mainly attracts the shoppers.

You have a wide choice of designer outlets in Italy! From Milan designer outlets to Florence designer outlets, the shopping is endless.

Where to Find Designer Outlets in Italy

Located outside of the major cities, there are many designer outlets in Italy.

These luxury designer outlets offer year-round discounts and sales on famous designer products. The designers are both from Italy or international designers.

Some Italian cities in which you can find outlets on the outskirts of town are Milan and Florence.

Some popular stores a consumer can often find here include Gucci, Prada, Cavalli, or Valentino. Consumers flock to these outlets to get deals on their favorite brands and products from the best designer outlets - Italy.

Cities Near Designer Outlets in Italy

One can easily find designer outlets in Italy in close proximity to many major cities. Below will list famous fashion outlets near some of the major cities of Italy.

Starting with Milan and Turin, a shopper is within an hour of a few luxury designer outlets. These include the Fidenza Village Outlet, McArthurGlen Serravalle Designer Outlet, Franciacorta Outlet Village, Vicolungo The Style Outlets, and Scalo Milano Outlet.

Close to Florence and Bologna, one can find Barberino Designer Outlet, The Mall Luxury Outlets, Valdichiana Outlet Village, and The Space Outlet.

Outside of Rome, consumers can easily visit Castel Romano, Valmontone Outlet, or Outlet Gente Roma for designer products.

Two famous outlets near Venice are the Noventa di Piave and Palmanova Outlet Village.

A few more outlets include the La Reggia Designer Outlet in close distance to Naples and the Sicilia Outlet Village of Sicily.

There are obviously more designer outlets, but that highlights some of the ones near major cities. A few specific outlet malls will be highlighted below.

Fidenza Village

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is no surprise that Milan is near designer outlets.

Of the designer outlets in Italy, a popular one located about an hour outside of the city center is Fidenza Village. This is in northern Italy near both Milan and Modena.

Known for its stunning architecture and atmosphere, this outlet was designed in relation to Verdi’s opera.

This shopping center is home to over 100 boutiques that offer major discounts to fashionable products like clothing and accessories.

Some high end fashion brands that can be discovered at this designer outlet village include Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Missoni, and Prada.

Serravalle Designer Outlet

Similarly to Fidenza Village, the Serravalle Designer Outlet is another luxury designer outlet - Milan. It is located just north of Genoa.

As one of the first designer outlets in Italy to open and one of the largest outlet centers in Europe, this is a very popular destination for shoppers in Italy.

Its design resembles a small village, filled with designer boutiques, squares, fountains, and restaurants.

With around 200 boutiques, one can find products ranging from clothing and accessories to cosmetics and home furnishings at this designer outlet village.

Famous fashion brands that are popular to shop at in the Serravalle designer outlet Milan, Italy include Balenciaga, Burberry, Saint Laurent, and a Gucci factory outlet.

Barberino Designer Outlet

Another well known designer outlet in Italy is the Barberino Designer Outlet. This is a Florence designer outlet that is also close in proximity to Bologna.

With architecture resembling a small town, the stores look like houses from a Florentine village during the Renaissance.

This fashionable outlet center offers more than 100 different designer brands and products, providing great variety for consumers.

With so many options, a consumer can find both Italian or international designers within the streets of this designer outlet Florence, Italy.

Like other designer outlets in Italy, fashion and designer brands a shopper can find here include Polo Ralph Lauren, Les Copains, and Cavalli.

Castel Romano

Of the designer outlets in Italy, perhaps the most popular outside of the city of Rome is the designer outlet Castel Romano.

This fashion outlet Italy is located to the south of Rome in an area called Castelli Romani.

Known for its large open-air venue that somewhat resembles Roman forums, this outlet has stores spread throughout from world known brands.

With around 150 stores and boutiques, consumers are bound to find designer products at large discounts and sales.

Some of the luxury fashion designer brands that can be found here include Calvin Klein, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Moschino.

Noventa di Piave

About 40 minutes outside of Venice is the Noventa di Piave luxury designer outlet. 

As the largest designer outlet mall near Venice, this outlet center has around 150 stores as well. It also has some restaurants to take a break from shopping.

Similar to the Castel Romano, this shopping area is an open-air venue that emphasizes products made in Italy.

It is surrounded by Venetian style architecture, making for a wonderful customer shopping experience.

Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, and Fendi are some of the luxury designer brands that a shopper can find at Noventa di Piave.

We picked five of the most popular designer outlets in Italy to highlight.

One can visit a fashion outlet Italy from any major city easily via forms of public transit, like trains or buses.

To find the highest fashion brands often at a discounted price, one can visit the designer outlets in Italy and easily have access to popular stores such as Gucci, Prada, and Cavalli!


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